cheap cat trees diy

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21 Repeat with the other four legs.5 Install the hammock.Modern cat furniture design ideas, shelves and cat scratching posts, cat towers.Metal and wood shouldn't make a difference, as long as it it safe.Modern shelves for cats amazon ?1000 voucher scam trees, cheap cat furniture design ideas, to build a shelving system for your cat tree, design a relatively short distance between shelves, so cats could easily jump from one shelf to another.Plywood works well for horizontal platforms; dimensional lumber and cardboard or PVC pipe work well for vertical supports, and carpet is ideal for covering the wood.WikiHow Contributor Ask someone to hold it for you to steady the base.Then, drill holes through the underside of the base in the spots where you want the supports.
Heres a checklist of stuff youll need for your DIY cat tower.
If you want to create covered areas for your cat to perch, you may also want to pick up a concrete form tube.
Many cats enjoy sleeping in hammocks.Make sure you cat tree is sturdy and stable before allowing your cat to play.The carpet is about thick.If your cat would like a private place to hide or sleep, consider building in a covered sleeping nook.Heres ocado voucher codes november 2015 the back of the second floor, go ahead and cut out the carpet areas to allow for mounting on the upright.Cut the rope in four pieces.