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The incident took place at the discount banners Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on April.
Following the encounter, the pilot was immediately suspended, but he has since returned to work.
David Dao was violently dragged from his flight after the airline overbooked tickets.In another incident on April 9, United Airlines sparked global outrage after 69-year-old.While the footage is causing outrage on social media, the airline is standing by their pilot crediting him with de-escalating the situation between the two passengers.More chances to get what you want.In the footage, two women are seen trading blows and fighting on the ground before the pilot steps in and takes a swing.During the altercation, the attendant nearly hit one of the babies, witnesses claimed in the footage of the incident.Dao was brutalized while attempting to fly from O'Hare International Airport to Louisville, Kentucky, in an incident that was caught on video that immediately went viral.As he moves away from the altercation, a third woman joins the scuffle, kicking the women before sitting on one of them.In a video posted by a witness earlier this month from an American Airlines flight, a woman was seen hysterically crying while holding her two babies at the front of the plane.Delta officials told the National Post in a statement that his actions de-escalated an altercation between passengers.US 03:00 (updated 10:46 ) Get short URL 95, the latest installment in a series of Airline employees behaving badly: video of a Delta Airlines pilot appearing to slap a woman who was in a fist fight with another passenger while deplaning in Atlanta.
When Dao refused to leave the plane, he was violently dragged off by his wrists.Feedback on our suggestions, delta Airlines DL DAL Stainless Airplane First Class Passenger Old Dinner Knife.99.50, delta Airlines Washington DC Luggage Tags new power 99 coupon code - single sweep scan Vintage DL Playing Card Name Tag (3).99.50 1998 DL Pin - Delta Airlines Vintage Leo Mullin Employee Airplane.The doctor, a paying customer, had been told he was being removed from the flight to make room for crew members who needed to board.Feedback on our suggestions, delta AIR lines DC-8 watch september skies world'S newest JET 1959 routes.00.50 1979 delta Airlines - Flight Attendant Sandra McWhorten Passenger - vintage.97.70 1969 Delta Airlines stewardess color photo vintage print.09.99.75.Airlines in the US have almost become their own reality television show, with all their scandals over the past few weeks.Dao, who came to the US in 1975, described the incident as more terrifying than his experience fleeing Vietnam over three decades ago.