ganondorf home run contest 3ds

Since you all enjoyed my first Homerun Contest video for Roy, I figured I would make another, but for Cloud!
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In Brawl, the highest number the distance counter can reach is 999,999.9, only visible with hacks.
15 Gallery edit In Melee, there is a wall approximately 50 feet/15 metres to the left of the platform (off screen) that Sandbag can bounce off.Since the Sandbag never lands, no score is recorded (the game eventually crashes once the Sandbag goes past 4990.0 m or too far beyond the screen).M Are you having trouble with the challenge mode in Super Smash Bros.All that needs to be done is to forward-smash the sandbag 2-3 times, followed by using his forward-tilt kick to drive up the damage percentage.The shield is breakable after being struck enough times or with sufficient force, but it greatly lowers the difficulty of bringing Sandbag's damage.Excluding off-stage mechanics, the TAS co-op world record is held by Ike and Peach at 114,723.7 feet (34,967.8 meters by user LPZampa.
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Contents, overview edit, the player voucher programs for private schools starts on a platform with a Sandbag in the center, and the character about 1/3 of the way from the left of the platform facing right.
For example if a move is listed as outperforming the Home-Run swing after "100 - 200 the Home-Run swing is confirmed to be better at 99 or lower, and the other move is confirmed to be better at 200 or higher, but it is not.3DS ist das erste Spiel.Sandbag as far as possible lies in increasing his damage percent in the given time without accidentally launching him before the final moment.Brawl edit 300 meters/990 feet: Boo (Mario Tennis) sticker 400 meters/1,200 feet: Clu Clu Land music track 500 meters/1,500 feet: Home-Run Bat trophy 5,000 meters/15,000 feet total: Bumper trophy 8,000 meters/24,000 feet total: Xananab trophy 10,000 meters/30,000 feet total: Shy Guy trophy 12,500 meters/37,500 feet.Ganondorf's record was set by user Sin2324, as seen here: 1 The Ice Climbers' record was set by Joe Bushman using the freeze glitch, as seen here: 2 It is impossible to ever exceed a score of 11,347.2 feet because beyond this point, the.