gsl model car contest

Org ) and will be read at the upcoming, and all future, GSL International Model Car Championships here in Salt Lake City.
Just a short time after Bill's passing, I wrote this letter to his mother: Fay Taylor, butte, Montana, dear Mrs.Dale also digitally recorded each seminar which films will be uploaded to our.An acquaintance in the umca visited my house, one night in the summer of 1978, and asked me to paint his 1/16 scale Dodge Charger model which, he assured me, would only find its way into his display case.But, ultimately, Augie won't be remembered for those incredible models. .The Museum wishes to acknowledge their passing, and extend our heartfelt condolences to their families and modeling friends.At that point, neither Gary nor I had any hint of the profound effect each of us would have upon the efforts of the other over the next decade and a half.But, at this point, I made another error.Jimmie Harriss wondrously weathered 1923 Ford Model T peddlers truck looks like something out of The Grapes of Wrath.The first requirement of that new contest would be to avoid the MPC preference for certain kinds of models by openly welcoming builders of all scale automotive interests.Hollywood Jim Fernandez built this 1/25-scale 1950 Oldsmobile 88 drag car to look as if it had spent the last 40 years decaying in a junkyard.
Boyd, Martin and Bednar during that time as I worked to define the philosophy of the contest.
Focusing on those goals would encourage the development of ever-increasing levels of craftsmanship and create a guild-like association of friends who, through mutual respect for one another instead of hostility, could come to enjoy and learn from the work of others, and share techniques and.Previous show coverage, desert scale classics shameless marketing division AND show store.At about that same time, I unintentionally participated in a bit of shenanigans the results of which played out at the last MPC Finale in 1979.GSL-xxiv logo by Bob Wick, gSL menards gift certificate xxiv, gSL xxiv Awards Brunch Presentation/Winners ( html ) ( pdf ) ( ppt ).The quality was more than usually stunning that required the three Judges to spend more than a total of 19 hours to carefully evaluate the hundreds of entries.Its essentially the Academy Awards of hand-built scale vehicles.Our Twenty-Fifth Championship will be presented in 2015! .MSN Autos, was also at GSL. .Despite the passage of nearly 42 years, Augie's 1964 Revell-Pactra co-winning roadster is still cutting edge.Bill was a passionate supporter of the International Model Car Builders' Museum and his restoration activities significantly contributed to the success and reputation of the Museum.