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There are no compromises with this product.
No Toxic Heavy Metals: Goodbye lead and mercury, this bad boy is safer and greener than anything before.
Just when you thought the text alerts for freebies summer LED grow light giveaway fun was over, boom!
Please submit your caption on our.A huge part of what makes them the best is that out of dozens of LED grow light manufacturers, they are literally the only ones who are honest with their claims and not misleading or exaggerating in any way.See post below or visit: *One winner will be chosen at random on July 5th after confirming that they have completed the 2 steps above.We will announce the winner shortly thereafter.The person that comes up with the best caption for the photo above (of the dog and flowers) will win a brand new 140 watt high-power horticultural.E.D.New Driver-Less Technology: Stripped of energy wasting power supplies, this light.This grow light redefines innovation.
I've pspice parametric sweep been in contact with them several times since my purchase, both in chat on their website and through email, and they're always helpful and friendly.
The Phytomax-2 is a testament to "you get what you pay for".
As for how well it works, if you do your research like I did, you simply won't find better.New 1K 1000w LED Grow Light Giveaway!Not only is this our most powerful LED grow light to date, but.If you're unsure about the Phytomax-2 range, I suggest looking up some independent reviews and comparisons including the excellent and lengthy review that LED Grow Lights Depot uploaded to.We are extremely proud to announce the launch of our newest LED grow light to the Cirrus LED family, the 1000-watt powerhouse we call the.Weve created a light that is built so efficiently, that its really the only light youll ever need.