lego building contest 2015

Lego contest prizes : Prizes at lego contests are usually lego sets, custom lego trophies, gift-certificates to a lego store, or perhaps a trip to a legoland Park.
Lego contest judges: At offline contests evaluating contest-entries may be done by a panel of judges.
For more building fun, check out these awesome library events around the system: lego Build Crafts, Saturday, September 12 Saturday, September 19 from 3:00 - 4:00.m.
Lego contests are a great way to challenge your creativity, boost your lego building skills, have fun, make friends, and win some seriously great prizes.At Sam hhgregg printable coupon code Gary Branch Library.And if you are ready to compete you may head over to the Community News section to check out any currently running lego contests.Brothers, Oliver and Owen Roberts Pitcher, tied for first place wearing homemade lego costumes.Take good, sharp photos at the best possible light, from the best angles to highlight the unique features of your contest entry.Whether its a store, apartment, or even a bathroom, we want to see what.What your lego model will look like will depend a lot on what the contest is about, but in general try to make your entry as close to your vision as possible with the parts that you have.Lego Kick-off Party, Monday, September 14 from 4:00 - 5:00.m.
Tips ON winninego contest: Below you will find some tips I have personally used to win lego contests.
It makes a big difference if the deadline is a month away or a few days away, especially if you have to get extra parts for your entry.At Green Valley Ranch Branch Library.No matter how awesome your lego model is, if the images are fuzzy, blurry, dark, and with a busy and unrelated background (like stuff in your bedroom or on your desk they will significantly diminish the effect of your entry.When you submit your contest entry, make sure everything is just right.Lego Week, Saturday September 21 through Saturday, September 26 at Central Library.Lego Modular Buildings by sharing your own mini model of your own modular building in this contest specially designed.