mega million ticket sold in maryland

It doesn't all end up as the winner's personal fortune - much of it is used by states to fund education and other social service programs, which is why advocates promote the lottery.
On Friday, the lottery estimated that total ticket sales for this jackpot, which has been building up since Jan.28, 2012, winning tickets sold in Missouri and Arizona (Photo via Powerball)."No, no clue at all Ghala said.The odds are much better that someone will begin their weekend a winner.Ghala said he has no idea who may have purchased the ticket.Video: Expert says new formatting means higher jackpots.Could the money dig governments out of debt?That's a problem that even staggering ticket sales can't solve.
The winning numbers announced late Tuesday were 11, 19, 24, 33,.
Lottery officials also confirmed a second-tier 1 million ticket was sold at Waterbury Liquors on Generals Highway in Crownsville.Lottery officials encourage ticket holders to sign the back of the ticket and keep it in a safe place.That winner has 180 days to come forward, and state discount lighting stores mn lotto officials will release the identity.Though the specifics vary among the 42 participating states and the Washington capital district, only about half of ticket sales go into the actual jackpot.Want to influence the next winner of American Idol?It's a collective wager that could fund a presidential campaign several times over, make a dent in struggling state budgets or take away the gas worries and grocery bills for thousands of middle-class citizens.The jackpot of 414 million is the third largest in Mega Millions history.