powder river sweep tub

The Cattlemans Tub and Alley is one of Powder Rivers most popular sweep tub and alley systems.
If you desire a sheeted system and System 2000 is out of your price range, the Cattlemans System is for you.Trust A Classic, since 1938 Powder River has provided the highest quality and most durable products available for the livestock industry.Order the 20 alley (011-00004) separately or as a package with the sweep tub.The open rails keep the weight down to make the system somewhat portable.Powder River products are not just limited to cattle handling.HD Sweep Tub top and bottom braces add additional support.The Powder River 20 Homesteader Deluxe Alley Matches up to the Portable Sweep Tub.Powder Rivers squeeze chutes, working systems, classic gates and panels are unsurpassed in quality, functionality and reliability, making them an overall great investment.The Homesteader Working System is built blank check voucher template for safety and is the toughest open railed system on the market today.There is no better time than now to consider Powder River products for your operation.
We continue developing cutting edge products to assist todays producer in a successful operation.
Constructed of durable 13 Gauge square tubing the system can handle calves to bulls.The Cattlemans System is 67 tall, allowing you to work cattle without the need for a catwalk, giving you a sturdy, functional working system in a very competitive price range.It can easily be set up (or torn down) by two people in less than 45 minutes.(Order# includes both) There are also 10 Alley Add Sections (011-00005)available to lengthen your alley way if desired.The 20 alley can be set up straight or curved and the tub can be set up for end or center feed.We also provide cowboy tough rodeo equipment, get 100 paytm promo code cattle guards, dog kennels and more.Item # 006-300 lbs hydraulic-or-manual Manual.We produce several top quality items for the equine industry including stalls, round pens, gates and feeders.