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Itll make them more loyal to your information offering knowing theres a place they can always go for help and input from intelligent, real people just like them.
Ask for Complaints Turn it Into a Marketing Opportunity Remember when Dominos took all the bad things people were saying about their pizza and turned it into an advertising campaign?
LinkedIn and Twitter are for sharing content and showing off how smart you are.
Give Away Huge, Free Stickers / Magnets People love free stuff.Youre more likely to buy in on their offers, arent you?If you know of a really cool marketing campaign that youd like to deploy but cant quite afford to do it all by yourself, approach other businesses who serve the same customer base as you to join you.A little flattery goes a long, long way, and doing so will increase your following on the platform and probably even clicks back to your website.My parents bought a set of ballroom dance lessons at 90 off.When you make an infographic embeddable, you give others the permission and power to share your infographic on their site, linking back to your own siteincreasing your reach and building loyalty from other site owners by giving them such a cool infographic to use.After someone signs up for your lead magnet for example, you can have a series of emails like the following: Deliver the lead magnet and promise them more valuable information via email over the next few days 2-3 emails delivering and teaching that promised information.Kind of like you should have done something for them first or like you definitely owe them something now.
If you operate a spa, you can offer free samples of a new soothing night foot massage oil youve formulated.
October 1st 2017, main Event, christmas Programme Template 2017 Awesome New Year Countdown Based animated videos ( get it now at /iu6wpu ).We knew we wanted to create an epic post on small business marketing ideas, but the largest list we could find pre-publication was 105.The two easiest ways to republish your content (without facing penalties from Google) is to republish what youve written on LinkedIn Pulse or on Medium.They may not publish every week, but buying an advertising spot in those magazines or art books is an easy (and often inexpensive) way to get and keep your message in front of a targeted audience.Alternatively, if you run a localized business thats either service or product-based, you could start a private Facebook group of some regular, high-end customers or other local business owners who all like to help each other grow their businesses either via referrals or shared marketing.