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Zabka, 48, to martha stewart daily giveaway february 2015 chat about how the film affected his life and continues to do so to this very day.It just started to graft into pop culture language in a way. This school sucks man! Hes a cream puff, Johnny, yeah! Daniel, what happened to your eye and dont tell me it was another bike accident! Heres your radio!
"The guys that played all the Cobra Kais are some of my best friends he told USA Today, while catching up for the film's 30th anniversary.
The movie was out in theaters for six months back in the '80s, which films dont do these days.
I wanna see your baby browns!Bobby and Jimmy (Ron Thomas and Tony ODell) live around the corner from.In the movie, Billy Zabka played Johnny and was part of the villain gang known as the Cobra Kais - you know the group of mean high schoolers that repeatedly beat up LaRusso and even chased him wearing skeleton costumes at the Halloween dance.The Karate Kid (1984 version, duh!) was the first movie my parents ever taped off of HBO once they bought their first VCR. Wax on, wax off. So heres our 15 favorite"s from drug rebate definition The Karate Kid (in no particular order).I think it takes this long to realize that its here to stay.".