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Make sure to hold it theory welcome promo code somewhere that has enough preparation and cooking space.Make sure that the activities youre organising are fun for everyone to get involved in, as youll raise more money that way.Typically in a raffle you would change entrants one or two pounds for a strip of five tickets.Buy some pizza bases and lots of toppings, then hold a pizza party where everyone can make and eat their own pizza.Cut the chatter in the office completely and get your team involved in a sponsored silence for the day.Regroup with your committee report progress on prizes.Ask some of the managers and directors in your team if they would be happy to donate a days pay for your chosen cause.Which ideas from this list are you planning to try out with your colleagues?
A Barbecue Grill, a Handmade Quilt, a Gourmet Dinner, all of these could be great prizes for the right audience.
Price Point, the price set for tickets can make or break a raffle fundraiser.Follow these guidelines and you will be totally amazed by the results.People have to be willing, able and take action to sell tickets.Did you know that Krispy Kreme sell doughnuts at a discounted price if theyre going to be resold at a charity event?Now we want to hear your ideas!Step by Step Raffle Guide Now that you have an idea of the essentials for your raffle campaign, lets break it down into steps.Keep on going push your ideas further.Try this out in January when people are usually on a health kick anyway, it will give them some added motivation!