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The LS 600h L subsequently went on sale as the most expensive sedan ever produced in Japan.
The event (scripted and planned) prompted a Sandy Hook style cry for gun control; represented at the UN by a Gun with its barrel tied in a knot.
Romney's Mexican family runs the Sinaloa (SinaSinAllah) Drug Cartel, armed in Operation Gun Runner."Hybrid Heaven in a Lexus".Teotihuacan is aligned with the planets via Temple Sites across Central America and Mexico."Robot-filled Tahara sets standard for Toyota, World".Winston Churchill thought he was big enough to go against the plan until he was shown the planned NY Stock Market collapse from the trading floor which started the Great Depression.Abe Lincoln known for sharing his bed with Joshua (Opus Day Dominus Iesus ringing a Baal?) Speed; Mike Pence known for "Gay Conversion Therapy" which allowed him to control "Certain Urges" and marry.Ron Paul (Ron is a Jesuit trained, lifelong Lambda Chi Alpha Initiate) staffer John Yob wrote the book "Chaos: The outsider's guide to the RNC" proposing a Brokered Convention leaning toward Ted Cruz is in play.This 2016 Jubilee destruction theme is illustrated in the 2010 movie "The Penitent Man".Black Canyon Surveyor JG Tierney (Tierney means Lord and Master) was the 1st person killed in building Hoover Dam; his son Patrick (Ptah Rek) was the last, killed 13 years to the day later.UB313 "Eris" aka Planet X is the Cross Constantine saw (Milky War crossing the Ecliptic Planet X will be the Scapegoat for Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, Disease, Famine leading to the presentation of the False Messiah.Garland's wife Lynn Rosenman is Edomite (fake Jewish) Royalty; a highly paid shill for E-Systems, the builder of haarp, the "High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project" in AK used for Weather Modification and Geo-Engineering with Chemtrails and SBX (X-Band Phased Array Radars) to create Drought, Floods, Environmental poisoning etc.
Jesus told the Apostles the last Passover and Crucifixion would be signaled by a man carrying a water pitcher (Mk 14:13; Lk 22:10 in occult circles the Water Pourer is Ganymede the Cretan youth seduced by Zeus and carried off to Olympus.Site is the Satanic form.Erdogan Staged the Turkish Coup and has Paris initiated Grand Orient Lodge brothers leading Jordan: King Abdullah II (AbdServant Allah) and Bari Malik Shabazz (Obama) are great Palm Desert golfing pals.The 3rd Race is in Elmont wrapwithus coupon code free shipping (Mount of El/Saturn) NY for the Belmont (Mount of Bel/Baal) Stakes.Looks like the Genie is out of the bottle.Phoenix means PaHouse Enoch.